Price List

Instrument Type / Catagory Overhaul Exchange Outright
TC100 EV Series $950 Repair Only
11900 Rate Gyro Call Call Call
S-TEC Call
6406  DG (vac) 4000D-6, 200-11AL $650 $795 Call
6405 Turn Coordinator $650 Call Call
4000C-15 DG (vac) S3330-2 $850 $950 Call
KG102A Directional Gyro (remote) $1260
KG107A Directional Gyro (vacuum) $950
KI258 Attitude (vacuum) $1295
Modifications may have Addt'l charges

Warranty Information

Overhauled units have a one-year warranty from date of invoice. Repaired units have a 30-day warranty from date of invoice. Tested instruments do not have a warranty.


Service Explanation

Overhaul - When you ship your instrument to us we will replace the bearings and rotor, clean the instrument, inspect for internal damage and install any normal replacement parts as needed. The instrument will be fully tested and inspected according to manufacturer's maintenance manuals and issued an 8130 yellow tag when complete. Overhauled units have a one-year warranty.

Repair - A repair is any service needed to bring the instrument to manufacturer's specifications. Final test will be performed and an 8130 yellow tag will be issued in most cases. Repaired instruments have a 30-day warranty.

Exchange - We will send you one of our overhauled units with and 8130 yellow tag and you will return your comparable serviceable instrument. If your unit is not comparable or serviceable or if we do not receive your instrument in the agreed amount of time you will be charged additional fees. Exchanged instruments have a one-year warranty.

Outright - We will sell you one of our overhauled units with an 8130 yellow tag. Most outright instruments have a one-year warranty with the exception of engine gauges and some older model instruments.

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