We have the ability to test a wide range of aircraft instruments from a variety of manufactures. We will test your instrument to be sure that it meets the manufacturer's specifications. For instruments meeting the manufacturer's specifications a maintenance release tag (yellow tag) will accompany the instrument when returned.


There is no charge to evaluate your instrument. We will determine if your instrument is repairable and quote you a price for repair. Please put a note in the box with your instrument requesting evaluation and we will contact you before any work is performed. If your instrument is not repairable and you would like to have it returned to you there will be a return shipping charge.


Repairs are done on an as needed basis to instruments that do not need a full overhaul or instruments that can not be remanufactured. When you speak to our representative we will help determine if a repair will work for your situation. All repairs carry a 30 day warranty.


We have a large inventory base available to provide convenient exchanges for your instrument. Please have your manufacturer and model number available when you call and we will send you a comparable remanufactured unit. You are allowed 10 days to return your repairable instruments to us.

Exchanges are only available on certain types of instruments. All exchange cores received are subject to inspection before being accepted. We reserve the right to refuse any unacceptable core. If your core is refused you will be charged a core fee.


We have the experience and capability to overhaul many types of aircraft instruments from a variety of manufacturers. Our highly skilled technician has over 20 years experience repairing aircraft instruments and is familiar with newer and older models.

We can offer you a quick turn around in most cases so you can spend more time flying! There is no charge if your instrument is not repairable, with the exception of return shipping if you want to have it returned.

We use an FAA approved method for receiving, testing, tear down, repair, rebuild and final testing. All instruments must pass manufacturer's testing specifications before a maintenance release or 8130 is issued. All overhauls carry a one year warranty.